Holistic Ovarian Cyst Treatment

There are many options for women who suffer with ovarian cysts.

Sometimes the ovarian cyst treatment is simple in that it’s just observation by the physician, other times it can be surgery to remove the problem cyst or ovary.

The type of ovarian cysts treatment, of course, depends on the type of ovarian cyst the patient has.

Statistically, most ovarian cysts are ‘functional’ cysts, and as such observation is the treatment most often recommended. If the functional cyst doesn’t cause much pain, isn’t twisted and is benign, often the attending physician will recommend just waiting until it goes away on its own.

A physician may recommend surgically removing a cyst that is twisting the ovary since quite often these type of cysts are incredibly painful. Naturally, there are many different conditions the doctor looks at before recommending surgery, but two of the most common reasons are torsion that is blocking blood flow or an immanent risk of the cyst rupturing.

Most physician recommended treatments, even including surgery, do not help cure the problem. They eliminate the symptom, but not the cause. Prescription drugs also have very little effect on cysts and underlying causes.

In cases where there are cancer cells, which, statistically, is more likely in post menopausal women, a physician will likely recommend surgery.

You should know, however, that surgery is not usually the preferred ovarian cyst treatment.

Birth control pills are another frequently recommended ovarian cyst treatment.

But birth control pills are powerful forms of condensed female hormones which, if taken for long periods of time, can completely throw a woman’s natural hormone levels out of balance and cause other issues later on.

It does not address the issue of why the cyst formed in the first place.

Quite simply, the holistic ovarian cyst treatment is the most curative. Holistic treatment is curative because it doesn’t merely mask the symptoms, but addresses the root cause of the problem.

However, you can’t just eat brocolli and expect to get cured.

Laura Hennings wrote a guide on holistically curing ovarian cysts.  It is a simple, step by step system that will help you address the root causes of why you developed a cyst in the first place and is a safe and effective guide for women with ovarian cysts (yes, even PCOS).

The holistic ovarian cyst treatment will help a woman return to her natural hormone levels, reduce the risk of miscarriage, foster beneficial, normal tissue growth in the reproductive system among a whole host of other beneficial affects.

Treatments that are holistic are based on a controlled diet, healthy lifestyle choices, ingesting the right (and right amounts) of minerals and lowering alcohol consumption.

There has been a large amount of research in the last two decades that studies why the occurance of ovarian cysts is more frequent in young women in the last three decades than the prior decades.

The analysis showed that a primary factor (or a common link to the occurance of ovarian cysts) was the higher levels of petrochemicals in young women than those of young women 40 or 50 years ago. Nothing has been proven scientifically, but the conjecture is that the high levels of chemicals, if not entirely responsible, are an indicator of a higher risk for developing ovarian cysts.

A holistic approach to ovarian cyst treatment restores hormonal balance, cleans out toxicity from the body and restores health to the patient by allowing the body’s system to work with itself and not against itself.